• Visa Requirements:

Participants are requested to check with the Egyptian Consulate in their home countries or with their travel agencies for visa requirements. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if required.

  • Official Letter of Invitation:

Official letter of invitation will be sent from the official organizer after registration and can help overcome administrative difficulties for visa purpose in certain countries.

  • ATM’s :

Automatic transactions (or teller) machine are common in most hotels, It is advisable to make sure that your card is compatible, by checking with your bank Before leaving home

  • Climate:

The weather is expected to be sunny in the early morning; average temperature is 20-22 degree C slight cooler in the afternoon, wearing overcoats is recommended at night

  • Exhibition:

An exhibition of pharmaceutical and technical equipment companies is organised

  • Who should attend ?

Gastroenterologist , Internists , General practitioners

  • Course Language:

English is the official language of the course